Socket Accept/Connection Question/Problem

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Feb 28 17:48:55 EST 2008

Jim Ault wrote:
> He used to have both protocols up there.
> The key difference is
> datagram, I think
Jim - thanks for the kind words :-)

I do have both still up there - but the TCP sample goes by the snappy 
names of
   TCP App 1     (which is the 'server' style app - but see below)
   TCP App 2     (the client)

TCP App1 is simplified from a normal server, because it will only accept 
a single connection, but that has little impact on the way the rest of 
it works.

But Dave is right that these are basically 'sample' apps rather than 
full blown real-world apps. However, I think they have enough in there 
to be robust and useful as a starting place.

In general, the Rev docs on networking are skimpy - especially for UDP - 
but it all seems to work reliably and to have most things that would be 
needed by 90% of us. Some of the corner cases (e.g. data being 
arbitrarily buffered into, or split between, packets  causing problems 
with blocking reads, or neo-jumbo packets being silently swallowed) are 
never going to be described by the language documentation.


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