Trapping pasteKey message in the Rev IDE

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Thu Feb 28 06:36:40 EST 2008

On 28/2/08 05:23, Terry Judd wrote:
 > I'd really like to be able to trap the pasteKey message in the Rev IDE but
 > the IDE hogs it unless you 'suspend development tools' (which I don't want
 > to do). Does anyone have any idea where the pasteKey message is intercepted
 > and if it is possible to divert it or pass it to my custom handler?

I have an app which also needs to do strange things to the clipboard before 
pasting (ie it takes what's in the clipboard, modifies it in various ways, 
then lets Rev paste the modified version, then restores the original).  It's a 
long time since I wrote this part, but I've been working with it in the IDE fine.

Looking at why this works for me; it's because the app has its own menubar.  I 
trap the menupick message so I can handle the paste command in my own way; the 
command key processing goes through this.   Since the custom menubar is set as 
the menubar for the stack (at least in Mac OS) it all just works pretty 
naturally.  Whenever I'm working in the stack, its own menubar is in force; 
and either command-V or the paste command on the menu go through my code.  I 
don't have to suspend the IDE; the standard toolbar is there, and if I click 
someone other than my stack, eg in any blank space on the standard toolbar, 
the Rev menubar appears.

I develop on Mac (though deploy x-platform) - mileage may be different on Windows.


- Ben

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