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Wed Feb 27 12:53:21 EST 2008

We all want it all, how about having it all?  Have a default autosave  
for newbies, and a set of preferences for later:  continued autosave,  
with a changeable time span between autosaves, a message that comes  
up that asks if you want to save (a reminder), with Yes, Never or  
some number of minutes until ask again, don't ask again, auto  
archive, auto archive with delete after so much time, auto archive  
every nth save, archive with ask, etc. so many options.  After many  
people have made their preferences known, perhaps rev dev could come  
up with a solution for (nearly) all.

Personally, I like choice, I would like a dialog that would simply  
remind me to save with an archive button and a wait button with a  
field for a number of minutes (with a default).

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> I've been watching this Auto Save thread. I would REALLY REALLY love
> to have a script that did what HC did with the DoMenu command.
> DoMenu "Save"
> or similar script addition that saves the stack when a particular
> script completes its run.
> I've tried it but can't seem to get it to work. Any suggestions?
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> Dale Pond
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