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Thierry 00bioarchimed at
Wed Feb 27 11:11:43 EST 2008


> I'm having trouble chasing down a problem: I have a field that is  
> getting cleared as soon as you tab out of it.  I can't seem to  
> locate where in the message path this is happening.  This SPECIFIC  
> problem is mine to solve (punishment for a less than organized  
> development approach).

Did you try to use the message watcher ( Development Menu ) ?
If not, put your stack just before the behavior you want to check.
Start the message watcher, if too much messages, click on the  
suppress button
and add these messages which pollute your test,... and slowly you  
should go
to the conclusion:  " Ah ! mais bien sur ! "

> What I'm wondering is if there is a way to show the path a message  
> would take through the message heirarchy.  In other words is there  
> some way I could send an exitField (or closeField) message to a  
> specific field and then get some sort of listing of the path that  
> message would take?  In other words, is there some way to simulate  
> the "traceroute" command used in networking to the message path?

Mmm, AFAIK, doesn't exist yet this jewel... But, I'm not an expert,  
If it's one or two messages you want to follow, and very much  
narrowed to one
precise situation. Make a handler like this:

on MyMsgToFollow
    put the name of me && ".. what ever you like" &cr after gLog
    pass MyMsgToFollow
end MyMsgToFollow

and put it in every object  you think it could pass by....
then check your gLog variable ( global ), you get the route !

> Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

So, it was "any" :-)


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