Reminder: objects cannot be copied when stack is password-protected!!! Even in a standalone. Grrrrrr....

Josh Mellicker josh at
Tue Feb 26 18:32:01 EST 2008

Once upon a time, a programmer was working on a project, with many  
handlers that copy objects, for example, copy groups into groups to  
form scrolling groups, and everything was working great, and the  
programmer was very happy, and then, as a last step, he password  
protected the stack, then, the next day...

BLAMO!!!! Strange, bizarre things happened. Groups would not copy.  
Death and destruction reigned. Monitors came crashing out windows.  
Expletives burned the ears of innocent bystanders.

This programmer then leapt off a cliff, ending it all.

MORAL: If he had only put a single line of code:

set the passkey of this stack to "swordfish"

in the preOpenStack script, all would be fine.

Please, tell your kids about "passkey", don't let them suffer a  
similar fate!

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