The launch command

Richard Holton Pierce ric-holt at
Tue Feb 26 17:36:40 EST 2008

I have been reworking  a HyperCard stack from the mid 1990s as a  
Revolution stack. It contains geographical coordinates for  
archaeological sites, and I am trying to make a handler that will  
launch Google Earth from within my stack and then paste a set of  
coordinates into Google's search field.

As a test I made the following routine:

on mouseUp

   put empty into field "Paster" -- this field will receive the  

   set the defaultFolder to "Macintosh HD/Applications/"

   --set the htmlText of field "Show Web Page" to URL " 

   ask "Degrees N?"
   put it into a

   ask "Degrees E?"
   put it into b

   put a & comma & b into finner
   put finner after field "Paster"

   launch "Google Earth" -- I have also tried: launch  
"Macintosh HD/Applications/Google Earth"

-- I haven't go to the the paste routine yet because I haven't got the  
launch to work.

end mouseUp

Everything wooks as expected, but the handler finishes without Google  
Earth being launched.

What mistakes am I making? How can I remedy them?

Richard P.

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