concerning 2.9 as "free"

Colin Holgate coiin at
Mon Feb 25 15:00:15 EST 2008

At 1:19 PM -0500 2/25/08, Bill Marriott wrote:
>     - You had an active update pack/license on 1 February 2006

How do you normally tell if you do or don't have one of those?

>     - You purchased any version of Revolution 2.7.x

How about people who bought 2.8.x? Your later example of someone who 
has 2.8.1 suggests that the above means to say "2.7.x or later". If 
it doesn't mean that, does it also apply to people who bought 2.8.2?

Sometimes Rev marketing can be upsetting to recent purchasers. For 
example, I paid the full price for Rev, but at the time that you 
could send a second copy to someone. I used that as a way to send a 
copy to myself at work, so I would be registered ok if I used Rev on 
my own machine or on my work machine. The second copy still hasn't 
reached me at work, so when does the initial three months of upgrades 
start counting? Is it when I paid for the product, or is it when I 
receive it?

The more annoying marketing thing was that right after I had bought 
it with that deal, a new deal came out (the Christmas bundle one), 
which would have been much more valuable and interesting to me. As 
anyone on Macy's mailing list will know, too many special offers can 
be a bad thing, eventually you think that you should never take up an 
offer, because there's about to be a better one!

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