autosave / enter as save? 2.9B

Eric A. Engle engleerica at
Mon Feb 25 13:10:00 EST 2008

There was a very useful thing in hypercard. If you
used the enter key while editing a script the script
would save. 

Likewise, if you closed a script dialog, the script
would automatically save any changes.

I understand other users might not want either of
those features but I really want them. 

Is there an option for autosaving of scripts on close
-- I don't want to be asked each and every time I
close a script window whether I want to apply the

Likewise, crtl+return or the enter key (where it
exists, my laptop has no enter key) would be really
nice for saving the script or saving the script and
closing the script window.

Is my question clear?

Also, when I select a button from the pallette witht
he button tool I cannot then draw a button on the
screen. Though, if I double click the button icon a
button appears. The ability to click a button icon and
then drag the mouse on the card to draw the button
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