no defaultstack

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Mon Feb 25 00:02:27 EST 2008

Hmmm, based on my last 4 years experience with Rev, this does not make
sense,  so I really hope you get to the bottom of strange behavior.  Let's
hope that it does not  require some work-around.

>From your description below, there is not enough info to help you.

It sounds as if the field is inside a group and thus not in the direct
message hierarchy, or some other interference, such as a front script.

Try adding the same handler to several script containers to see if the
message path is really working like you think... such as

card script, each stack script, fld script, btn script
on mouseDoubleUp
   global gMessageTrail
   put the long id of me & cr after gMessageTrail
   pass mouseDoubleUp
end mouseDoubleUp

The sequence of handlers will be stored in the variable gMessageTrail, which
will appear in the Variable Watcher stack even if you are not debugging a
script.  Or you can use the message box to :
put gMessageTrail

(note:  before doing the mouseup test, use the message box to:)
put empty into gMessageTrail

I do hope you find the answer and let us know.

On 2/24/08 8:14 PM, "rand valentine" <jrvalent at> wrote:

>  I'm using Rev 2.8.1 Studio, MacBook Pro, 4gb memory, Leopard, and now
> Revolution does not recognize the card or stack that I'm in when I execute a
> script. So every field reference must be specified for the card it's on and
> the stack it's in, i.e., one can't just designate:
> fld "whichField"
>  rather it must be
> fld "whichField" of cd "whichCard" of stack "whichStack"
>  I've been playing with setting the defaultstack to the toplevel stack, but
> that doesn't seem to help.
>  Any way to fix this? Thanks.

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