weird behavior

rand valentine jrvalent at
Sun Feb 24 13:31:16 EST 2008

>>  Yes, if I remove the answer dialogue, then the script runs just fine. How
>> does one get around this bug?
> For now:
>      put the defaultStack into tSaveStack
>      answer "Really clear?" with "Cancel" OR "Yes"
>      put it into tVal
>      set the defaultStack to tSaveStack
>      IF tVal is "Yes" THEN
>          put empty into fld "notes_note" -- "notes_note"
>      END IF
> For all mankind:
> It's really kinda dumb if we need to save and restore the defaultStack
> for ask/answer dialogs.  Does anyone here know the RQQC# for this issue,
> and has it been confirmed fixed as of v2.9DP4?

  The "for now" script offered above solves the problem. And also, I notice
that things work fine in StackRunner, without saving the defaultStack in the
script. Thanks.


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