Weird Behavior

rand valentine jrvalent at
Sun Feb 24 12:27:10 EST 2008

 I'm using Studio version 2.8.1 on an intel Mac running Leopard (10.5.2).
Also running Galaxy and GL2. I'm getting weird behavior that I don't
understand. An object is recognized for some things but not others. For
example, in the following script, which simply clears a field:

ON mouseUp
    IF fld "notes_note" is not empty THEN
        answer "Really clear?" with "Cancel" OR "Yes"
        IF it is "Yes" THEN
            put empty into fld "notes_note" -- "notes_note"
        END IF
        answer "The note field is already empty."
    END IF
END mouseUp

 In running the script, field "notes_note" is recognized in the IF
statement, but I get an error message "Chunk: no such object" when I run the
script, at the line that says "put empty into fld "notes_note". Anyone know
what's up? It seems to happen when I put a field into a group, more than at
other times.

rand valentine

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