RunRev for iPhone and iPod Touch

Luis luis at
Sat Feb 23 21:10:18 EST 2008

Just stick some bubble-wrap over the screen!



Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>> Richard, a lot of the people who say they don't like the iPhone
>> keyboard are won over as soon as they actually use one.
> In my case it was the other way around.  After all, it's rare that Apple 
> does something as completely baseless as the hockey-puck mouse, so I was 
> predisposed to thinking the virtual keyboard would be easy to use.
> That is, until I used it.
> Not having any tactile feedback on such tiny target areas makes it very 
> hard to get used to, and I hear this complaint from about half the 
> iPhone owners I know, including some with rather tiny hands, so we can 
> rule out hand-size being the determiner for this.
> I'm not claiming my tiny sample of anecdotal input says much one way or 
> another.  Simply to answer your question, I find tactile feedback very 
> useful, and miss it in the iPod.

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