Extracting text from PDF

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Feb 23 17:47:58 EST 2008

Kay C Lan wrote:
> use the launch command to force a pdf to open with TextEdit
> use do to run this AppleScript:
> tell application "TextEdit"
>     set tText to the text of document 1
> end tell

Maybe this is another Leopard thang, I dunno, I haven't set up my test 
stack for this yet, but in Tiger I can't get Text Edit to open a PDF in 
any meaningful way; that is, it just shows the raw PDF data but doesn't 
render it.

So my question is whether TextEdit renders PDFs normally in Leopard, or 
if the behavior is the same as under Tiger then how does the "launch" 
command differ from dropping a file on the app's Dock icon?

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