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Sat Feb 23 11:56:54 EST 2008

On 23 Feb 2008, at 02:27, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Suppose you want to display records from a database in a multi- 
> column list field.  You'll want to keep track of the ID field, but  
> that's just noise to the end-user so you don't want to display it.
> Currently, you'd have to parse out that column and store it in a  
> separate field.  When the user clicks on a line in the list, you  
> look up the corresponding line in the ID field to do whatever you  
> need to do with that record.
> But then you want to sort the list.  So you have to recombine the ID  
> field with the rest of the list contents, do the sort, then parse  
> them apart again for display.
> Ugh.

Not to say this isn't a nice feature request, but removing or adding  
columns isn't exactly the rocket science you make it out to be. For  

on mouseUp
   put 1 into doNotWantColumn
   put 2 into sortByThisColumn
   put the data of field 1 into theData
   sort theData by item sortByThisColumn of each
   split theData by column
   delete variable theData[doNotWantColumn]
   combine theData by column
   put theData into field 1
end mouseUp

Obviously not as simple as not showing a column in the field, and less  
memory efficient too, but on the plus side this is available now, and  
most likely faster then a modified field object (everything that has  
to do with fields is slow).


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