Re-4: Problem with characters/special characters in XML

runrev260805 at runrev260805 at
Thu Feb 21 16:23:05 EST 2008

Hi Mark,

thanks for the tip in the right direction.

After playing around and trying to understand what´s that all about unicode
i found that these two lines will do what i want

    put uniencode(tXml,"UTF-16") into utf16
    put unidecode(utf16,"UTF8") into tXml

Now my selfmade XMl-file can be opened by Excel 2003 without problem.

> Do you create an XML file with your own custom-made script or do you  
> use Revolution's XML external?
Yes i create the XML file with my own custom-made script, because
i am new at XML and i do not know right now how to use the XML external.

I had an original excel file, which i exported to XML. I then opened that xml in an editor
to find out how it is organized. So i was able to build the same XML files out of an csv except
the special characters. But that works now too.

Damn, XML seems to be so powerfull, but i don´t have the time to get any deeper into it at the moment.

Thanks again.

All the best,


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