Implementing rsync protocol and algorithms with RR apps

capellan capellan2000 at
Thu Feb 21 14:33:47 EST 2008

Hi all,

(First, i wrote this message in 2005, so it´s worth repeating given
the actual interest about RR stacks on the internet.)

Have anyone given a try to implement 
rsync protocols and algorithms using 
only RR clients applications?


rsync allows to download only the parts
that had changed in a stack, instead of
the whole file.

It's composed of a server and a client.

The client sends the server a single string
of information about the local file.

This string is a series of digests of 
chunks of 1k of the local file.

When server receives this string, it
compares these digest with chunks of 1k
of the file in the server and then just
send back the parts that the client needs
to recreate the file from the server, in
the client's side.

Thanks in advance!

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