Anyone interested in learning more about Rev on Rockets?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Feb 21 06:05:21 EST 2008

>  So, I thought if others were interested, I'd create a tutorial series to
>  help developers learn how to use ROR and RevCGI. There are of course some
>  very good RevCGI beginner tutorials, but I'm hoping these would go farther,
>  and show a bit more advanced putting file locking on a
>  stack so that 2 people don't try to write to it at once. Or, uploading
>  images and files via HTTP and not FTP using POST.
>  So, if you're interested, holler at me or Andre, or just respond here. If
>  there are enough folks, we'll create a few free ROR tutes. Just let us know!

Count me in as very interested. I have dabbled in Rev CGI and looked
at Andre's ROR package, but not really got any further than in the
last Rev newsletter. Please Chipp & Andre, it would be terrific to
have some more info on this.


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