Question with CGI at JaguarPC..

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Feb 20 17:59:22 EST 2008

OK, Figured out the problem with the preserve stack format, and my own Save
Legacy format plugin.

You used to be able to set the stackFileVersion and it would stay set. Now
the RevSave version overides it as it's looking for a RevGeneral custom prop
in working with "Preserve stack file version on stacks saved in legacy
format." If it doesn't find the prop, it saves in the most current format.
This is a new feature from when my plugin was written. And...because I
'AltClean' my stacks, thus removing this RevGeneral custom prop and other
props (can save up to 50% of a stacks size), RevSave no longer honors the
legacy information.

So, I've updated my Legacy Save plugin, so that now stacks can be saved
without calling RevSave. The plugin is called "StackFormat" and can be
downloaded by putting into the message box:

go URL ""

Then save the stack somewhere, and open it as palette and it's good to go.


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