Question with CGI at JaguarPC..

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Feb 20 15:56:49 EST 2008

Chipp Walters wrote:

> While part of the script rund, the stack never opens using my Jaguar
> account.

Just in case, here's a few more tips about using stacks with CGI scripts:

A brief list of things to keep in mind when using stacks with CGIs:

     * Stacks must be put in use to be recognized.

     * Set the defaultstack, or refer to all objects by their long names.

     * Examine the environment variable $REQUEST_METHOD if necessary to 
see how form parameters are being sent. For the "get" method, read 
$QUERY_STRING. For the "post" method, read from stdin until empty.

     * Use the split command and the urlDecode function to parse script 

These items are discussed in more detail below.


("Below" being at: <>)

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