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Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Wed Feb 20 10:11:15 EST 2008

Hi Len,

First I have to say that I try to minimize dialogs use.
In many cases, I use a group on the current card but with a darker  
background because, as a user, I hate to have hundreds windows, all  
different, that show up and have to be closed as you can see them in  
MS Word for instance.
I reserve 'external' dialogs for alerts only.
And I never use 'Ask' because I want to master the kind of data I let  
the user enter in any entry box.
All my users seem pleased with this way of doing that is based,  
before everything else, on a deep ergonomic study.
Now if you want to make many dialogs showing up, I would recommend to  
pay attention at each window layout to make them a 'real family'.
About using a single stack or several, I don't think that file size  
is now a problem and, above all, different stacks make reuse later  
easier in any project.

Le 20 févr. 08 à 14:58, Len Morgan a écrit :

> I'm wondering what is the "recommended" way of handling a lot of  
> dialog boxes in applications.  There are a couple of way of  
> handling this that I've thought of but I don't know what would be  
> considered "best:"
> 1) A separate stack for each dialog.
>    Pros: Sizing, function (information only, getting user input,  
> etc) can be implemented without worrying about it's effect
>             on other dialogs.
>    Cons: You need the basic "stack overhead" repeated over and over  
> for each dialog
> 2) One dialog stack with multiple cards (one for each dialog).
>    Pros: Single stack overhead (smaller file size)
>    Cons: Every time a dialog is opened, the correct card has to be  
> selected and then the stack has to be resized for that  
> particular             dialog.
> 3) Some other approach.
> Any advice? I know I could use either one and make it work but I  
> looking for "best practice" advice.
> Thanks!
> Len Morgan

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Eric Chatonet.
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