Cgi and Database (stick to standards)

Hershel Fisch hershf at
Tue Feb 19 14:54:57 EST 2008

On 2/19/08 2:29 AM, "Ruslan Zasukhin" <sunshine at> wrote:

> On 19/2/08 12:01 AM, "Hershel Fisch" <hershf at> wrote:
> Hi Hershel,

> I wonder where you have found info that mySQL is worse of others (SqlLite or
> Postgre) on grow of db size ???>
> I do not think exists significant difference between mySQL and Postgre in
> regard of dependence on db size...
I didn't say its worse, on sqlite I read its site this info that its faster,
ok I do except that it might be on small or very small db's, on postgres I
did a lot of research a while ago. mySQL is a bit faster on smaller db's as
it gets lager it evens out then (in the Giga's) postgres is faster because
mySQL slows down a bit.
>> or maybe I'll look into valentina.
> If you think about hosting, Valentina is unlikely choice. Only if you have
> own server.
So it looks like I'll have to stick to mySQL or PostgreSQL by the way I
didn't find posgres available for a decent price mostly mySQL is used.
So far I don't even have this problem yet because I don't know even on how
to get it to work.
The way it looks I'll have to redo the whole thing to php.

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