removing ask/answer/msg substacks from old mc stacks

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Tue Feb 19 12:08:57 EST 2008


thanks, but right now i cant go back to mc as i just upgraded to a mac  
pro and leopard so forced lepoard upgrade on the g4 laptop, so no os9  
right now. pc also died and windoz is not set up on the new mac yet.  
in the past i had stripped out the offending window resources for the  
message, ask and answer with some combo of rev versions, but ive tried  
several attempts at different combos and the message box keeps coming  
up as an error that its still there (even though the application  
browser does not show it there...

frustrating since this messes up the message box to try and poke at  
things. Ill have to sit down when i have time and do some more  
systematic tries at this.



On Feb 18, 2008, at 8:10 AM, use-revolution-request at  

>  in Rev it's the preference "revolution UI Elements appear in lists  
> of stacks"
> is there a similar pref in Metacard?   (sorry if this is obvious...)
>> I'm sorry i have done this in the past, but have forgotten how to  
>> do it.
>> I have some old mc stacks from like 8 years ago that have the ask
>> and answer dialog substacks in them. i removed them in rev 2.6.1,
>> but now i keep getting a message box error (message box is already
>> open in rev) when i open the stack in rev 2.8.1. so it seems that
>> there is still a message box substack hiding in my stack, but it
>> doesnt show up in application browser with my stack. i remember a
>> similar problem in the past with old mc cards like this, but ive
>> forgotten what i did last time to loose all the old substack assets
>> to make it clean with rev.
>> thanks
>> jeff reynolds

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