RevCGI Hosts?

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Mon Feb 18 21:49:36 EST 2008

I uploaded the engine and, for mysql work, the file
both to my cgi-bin folder, and set their permissions (CHMOD)
to 755. Any scripts I make are also in that same cgi-bin folder
and also set to 755, plus I make sure the name and case of
the rev engine matches the name and case in the first line of
a cgi script.

> And what about licensing-- do I have to worry about that?

I don't know for sure but, RunRev is royalty-free for standalones
so it seems safe to assume that licensing of the engine for cgi
work too is royalty-free.

By the way, besides the tutorials the archives too are a
great help. To search them, I use google thus:

Nicolas Cueto

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