RevCGI Hosts?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Feb 18 19:56:18 EST 2008

Chipp Walters wrote:
 > Hi Jacque,
 > I'm looking at playing around some with RevCGI and saw where you 
 > JagPC a couple of years ago. Do you still recommend them?

I still use them and I still recommend them. Andre has answered most of 
your questions, but I'll just add that I am on their basic, $10/month 
plan and even with that I can do most of what Andre is doing. I don't 
install my own Linux components but Jag is flexible enough that if you 
want something that won't disrupt their servers, they'll install just 
about anything for you. (You have your own cgi folder and they don't 
care what you put in there. I have several Rev CGIs running.) The basic 
plan offers plenty of diskspace for my needs; I haven't used a fraction 
of the diskspace or bandwidth that comes with the package. I believe all 
accounts have reseller priveleges, I think that comes with any package, 
though I don't use it.

And yes, you just sign up and you're in. It's all automated so it 
doesn't take any time. And as Andre pointed out, their tech support is 
very good.

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