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Chipp Walters chipp at
Sun Feb 17 15:04:59 EST 2008

Hi Eric,

I'll try and answer as many as I can.

On Feb 17, 2008 10:53 AM, Eric A. Engle <engleerica at> wrote:

> I signed up for the 2.9 beta :) iHope I get accepted I
> think I have some ability to contribute.

Not sure, but I think all existing users who sign-up are automatically

> I would like to see revolution able to
> a) generate video (see my hypercard videokit built
> with udi's external, it's on Alain's pantechnicon

Currently you can do this just fine using Trevor's excellent Quicktime

> c) develop a browser capability (see my iFunctions
> stack, it's on Alain's free gui site)
> I got a copy of altBrowser complimentary from altuit,
> sort of as an incentive to stop working on my own
> browser. It's not on their website. Did altBrowser get
> directl integrated into the more recent releases of
> rev (the way I think it should be :) ?

Yes, altBrowser is now revBrowser. It was sold to RunRev awhile back. I
don't remember your complimentary version, but then we did hand out a few
complimentary versions. That said, I certainly don't remember giving it to
you as an incentive to stop working on your own. That doesn't sound like
something we do. Perhaps you got it elsewhere?

> What I really would love is a way for stacks to be
> served into a browser (i.e. a rev plugin like
> shockwave or flash). I know 3 years ago that wasn't in
> the works. I'm hoping it is now.

This topic has been discusses ad infinitum on this list. I suggest you do
some GMANE searches and you can find out for yourself the ongoing thinking
on this subject.

> Also I'm interested in investor relations =)

If you're interested in purchasing RunRev stock, you should contact RunRev

best, Chipp

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