selecting lines in a field

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Sat Feb 16 19:43:30 EST 2008


After all these years, still a beginner... sigh...

A multi-line field. Locked. Focusable. Autohilite and listbehavior  
are true. Normally, I'd turn on "multi-line" and "non-continguous"  
and I'd be good to go. Later on, a script will get the hilitedlines  
of this field.


I use "---" as a separator, and some lines are deliberately blank,  
for the sake of readability.

If I click on "---" or a blank line, I'd like to leave that line un- 
hilited, without disturbing the other hilitedlines in the field.


Line 1 = "Clear"

If I click on line 1, I'd like to set all the hilitedlines to false,  
including the hilite of line 1.

I think I know the necessary commands and properties, though one  
can't be certain in my case. I've realized I might need to turn off  
the mulit-line or non-contiguous property and script some field  
behavior manually. I've tried various possibilities by trial and  
error, but I can't seem to put the pieces together. Now I'm stuck.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance,


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