Issuing "sudo" cmds + password from Rev Scripts

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Feb 16 17:36:36 EST 2008

Hi Sivakatirswami,

A nice way to do this is to use AppleScript:

do shell script "a shell command here" with administrator privileges

and another way is to pipe the password. Here is an example that  
empties the trash:

on mouseUp
   ask "Enter your password"
   if it is not empty then
     put it into myPW
     put "#!/bin/sh" & cr into myScript
     put "pw=" & quote & myPW & quote & cr after myScript
     put "echo $pw | sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*" & cr after myScript
     put shell(myScript) into myCheck  -- do the command & get the  
   end if
end mouseUp

Unfortunately, you will have to make a password dialog window to do  
this correctly.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille


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Op 16-feb-2008, om 23:26 heeft Sivakatirswami het volgende geschreven:

> I've been bitten very hard recently with Apple's new quarantine bit  
> set in extended attributes for downloaded files. I used to be able  
> to open 20-40 text files that I might receive from a remote  
> correspondent, in BBedit in one go and spellcheck them rapidly...  
> Now I get the dread "This is a web application downloaded from the  
> internet...."  I click "OK" and only the first of the selected  
> files open.
> It is possible to set up folder actions with apple script to apply:
> sudo xattr -d /Downloads
> to all incoming downloads saved that folder. One can also drop into  
> terminal and work on the cmd line... very inefficient..  I would  
> like to make a little Rev utility to run against an existing file  
> set that may have been moved or saved to a different location.
> How do does one deal, from within a Rev script, with the shell  
> requirement to enter the password before sudo executes? I saw an  
> earlier thread where one might approach this by doing it thru  
> apples script. Does that mean it's not possible with transcript alone?
> Or perhaps someone knows of such a utility already? I can't find  
> one on the net and people are complaining about this as recently as  
> Jan 20th... It will be a simple matter to set up a drag and drop  
> button that gets a path and runs the cmd against all files in a  
> folder... but I need a way to supply the password...

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