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Hi Victoras,

> from my experience mysql is faster than sqlite in joins, unless you
> manually optimise your sql queries for sqlite ;-), in most cases using
> subqueries. 

I am ready to see example :-)
If you want on Valentina list.

> Plus mysql is multiuser  and omnipresent, which matters...


> To make sqlite multiuser you will have to implement your own database
> locking mechanism, or use tools that have it already implemented (like
> modsqlite for apache).

> Possibly valentina db is one of the best choices
> (and I am waiting for my valentine days license to test it without
> limitations :-) ), but if you buy hosting services, then I guess you are
> limited to mysql, sqlite and sometimes postrgresql (which people say is
> slower than mysql...).

That is right, 

It seems that all depend on users tasks. I did have feedbacks from Valentina
developers that yes Postgre comparing to mySQL is much slow (in times). But
not so far I have hear opinion that Postgre (latest?) did win mySQL on

So keep always in mind that DB tasks can be VERY different. For some tasks
one dbms can be better, for other tasks another. It is good, as army
soldier, to have skills with few kinds of weapon :-)

Best regards,

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