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René Micout rmicout at
Sat Feb 16 06:14:47 EST 2008

Some précisions about that. With this handler :

on mouseUp
   repeat for 300
     SBstartNote 1,60,80 -- 1 = piano, 60 = C
     wait 10 ticks
     SBstopNote 1,60
   end repeat
end mouseUp

all is good. But with this other one :

on mouseUp
   repeat for 300
     SBstartNote 1,60,80	
   end repeat
end mouseUp

we can't heard more than 256 sounds.

René from Paris

Le 15 févr. 08 à 22:00, J. Landman Gay a écrit :

> Some of you may know that my site has been the distribution point  
> for the Shakobox PlayCommand Agent, written by Jonathan Bettencourt  
> some years ago. This software allows Revolution to emulate the  
> HyperCard "play" command on both Windows and Mac. HyperCard's  
> "play" command is able to use scripted musical notation to play  
> back songs on the fly. The PlayCommand Agent uses QuickTime to  
> simulate what HyperCard could do natively.
> Recently it was reported that the PlayCommand Agent does not work  
> when more than 256 notes were scripted. Jon is no longer supporting  
> the software, but given the recent problem, he has released the  
> code as open source.
> The info he posted to the HyperCard mailing list is below, and  
> includes a link to the source code. I think it would be wonderful  
> if someone would turn this into a Revolution external. I know that  
> many people use PlayCommand Agent and would appreciate a more  
> consolidated solution than the current one, which requires external  
> files on disk and a few extra steps to get it working.
> If anyone would like to take a stab at this, please let me know.  
> I'd be happy to continue distributing updates; I think it would be  
> a good idea to keep any new versions in a central location. Also,  
> it has always been a free offering and we would like to keep it  
> that way.
> Jacque
> -------- Original Message --------
> I've decided to release the source code for the PlayCommand Agent
> program that made playing HyperTalk note syntax using QuickTime
> possible. It's available to download here:
> If someone has experience with a) RealBasic, b) a *real* language, and
> c) the QuickTime API, then please be my guest to port it, make it an
> XCMD, etc. :)
> You may distribute this message however you want. Post it on the Rev
> list, for example.
> --
> Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at
> HyperActive Software           |

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