Any sugguestions on movable clock arms?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Sat Feb 16 04:19:37 EST 2008

>  It's been a while but still enjoying RR in my sparetime ;-)
>  A collegue of mine asked me if I could make an instruction clock with
>  movable arms.
>  He wants to us it with his Smartboard in his classroom to teach clocktimes.
>  I think I know how to drag an image but in a circle is not easy?
>  Then there is the issue of two clock arms and of course the middle of
>  the clock should stay fixed.
>  Can anyone give me a clue where and how to start?

This discussion might give you some ideas
It shows vaious ways to display a clock with moving hands, but I
expect you could alter it to allow the hands to be dragged.


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