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Fri Feb 15 03:41:03 EST 2008

On 15/2/08 12:14 AM, "Hershel Fisch" <hershf at> wrote:

>> Bernard Devlin wrote:
>> I'm not sure what kind of database requirements you have.
> SQL  rdbms, and I was thinking to use "sqLITE" because its fast even with
> big bases and most hosting sites use mySql which slows down as the database
> grows. 
> Thanks, Hershel

Hi Hershel,

I believe above statement is FALSE.         :-)

SqlLite  NEVER is faster of mySQL.
    may be only for TINY dbs.

This is odd for me to be advocate of mySQL, :-)
    but of course this is not true.

SqlLite is TINY engine, which uses SIMPLEST algorithms.
    mySQL is 100-500 times bigger by size DBMS.

MySQL have incredible more powerful SQL, and only this means that you can
get huge benefits when you work with remote server.

If talk about slow down with grow of db size, then excuse me,
    I self did benches. And be sure I can do them correctly :-)

SqlLite start to be unacceptably slow even on tables with 10 or 100K
records. Some not hardest queries take 30 seconds or even minutes.

I think you was foolished by feature of SqlLite "Instant Result". This means
that e.g. RESULT of search on table with million records is 100K records,
SqlLite finds the first and says that it have finish,

But this works only for single user engine. This trick cannot be used for
multi-user DBMS, which must find all 100K records, put them under RESULT for
user1, and setup record locks.

I want again repeat one point for SqlLite fans. If db world was so simple
that SqlLite engine in 300K beats mySQL then ask self why mySQL/Oracle/MS
SQL/Sybase/DB2/Ingres/ Valentina developers bother self developing soooo
complex DB systems???!!!  May be tasks are not so simple when you start move
more deeply...

Of course mySQL also is not best speed daemon :-)

For example, my own ISP provider have billin system that use mySQL, on db
with 2-3 Gb, mySQL starts to think minutes, so browsers just get timeouts
and people cannot see results

Or For example, on developer year ago have switch from mySQL to Valentina,
and his 5 minutes query under mySQL not get 1 sec or even 0.1 sec.

Best regards,

Ruslan Zasukhin
VP Engineering and New Technology
Paradigma Software, Inc

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