Rev cgi MySQL = invalid database type

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Fri Feb 15 00:43:11 EST 2008

Hello List,

My Rev-cgi scripts are working (hurray), and so am now
learning how to make a cgi-script that can connect to
a MySQL database, both of which are on the same
web-server (Linux Rev 2.6.1, on Dreamhost).

But, using a revOpenDatabase command, all I'm getting
is "invalid database type"!

By way of solution this is what I've tried, as based on my
(faulty?) understanding of the various suggestions stored
in the archives:

-- SQL driver or drivers are required.   BUT, does this
mean libmySQL.dll or -- or both! For
now, I've uploaded both;

-- beware driver paths!   Unsure about how to set paths
with "revSetDatabaseDriverPath", I ftp'd the drivers into
the same directory I ftp'd the Rev engine;

-- beware CHMOD!!   Yup, I've triple-checked that engine,
drivers and scripts are all 755;

-- the spelling *and* case of driver name(s) ought to
match the spelling *and* case used in database-related
Rev commands.    So, I made sure of the consistency of
the chars "mysql" (in the script and the drivers' names).

But, as I say, no go.

Anything else I could be overlooking or double-checking
or modifying or...

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto

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