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Mark Smith mark at
Thu Feb 14 09:31:33 EST 2008

Oh well, my theory is clearly flawed - though I remember having some  
trouble with nulls a few years ago and so have avoided using them since.

Cool bass site! I believe Mark Wieder is also an earth shaker - any  
others here?



On 14 Feb 2008, at 13:06, Klaus Major wrote:

> Hi Mark,
>> I think using engine opertaions on data that contains nulls is a  
>> bit of a no-no. I believe (though happy to be corrected) that Rev  
>> uses C-style null terminated strings internally, so nulls will  
>> often produce 'unexpected results'.
> Hm, I have been using numtochar(0) quite often in the past, especially
> as an itemdelitimter with other numtochar(1) delimited items in it,  
> and this
> is he first time that I encountered problems.
> Any other opinions before I remove this potential troublemaker from  
> my scripts?
> Thanks Mark :-)
>> Best,
>> Mark
> Best
> Klaus Major
> klaus at
> Mark, maybe you as a bassplayer would like to take a look at my new
> bass dept. on my website? See signature. Still work in progress!
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