Re: Rép : Substack command don't reach main stack when executed as Standalone-"Corrected"

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Feb 13 16:46:17 EST 2008

Hi Pierre,

I have tested your script and it works fine, both as a stack and as a  
standalone, provided that the necessary fields are available.

I never use this feature, but in this case it might be useful: in the  
standalone settings, there is a Bug Reports features, which you can  
turn on. If you turn this on, you should see error information when  
you run your standalone and click in the field that contains the  
mouseUp handler. Could you post that information here?

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille


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Op 13-feb-2008, om 19:29 heeft Pierre het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Eric and Marc
> I tried to send a copy of my handlers but my mail is too big (22K  
> instead of 15K allowed.
> I suppressed  a few lines lines from the Handler in the Main Stack  
> Script:
> The "Calling Handler of the Substack is :
> --> all handlers
> on MouseUp 															                           ==> In the  
> protected fld of the Substack
>     put "Modification de '" & the short name of me & "' " &  
> "Saisie. "  into  fld "Statut"
>     answer "MouseUp du champ Montant"
>     SaisieChamp The short name of me, the short name of this stack
> end MouseUp
> And the Handler in the Main Stack's script is :
> on SaisieChamp NomChamp, NomStack
>     global GRéponseChoix
>     --breakpoint
>     answer "Script Stack Compta" & return & "NomChamp = " &  
> NomChamp & return & "NomStack = " & NomStack      ==> This doesn't  
> work when in standalone
>           --breakpoint
>             get the CustomerProperties of fld NomChamp of Stack  
> NomStack
>             put it into Masque
>             put word 3 of line 1 of Masque into NbEntiers
>             put Word 3 of line 2 of Masque into TheType
>             put Word 3 of line 3 of Masque into NbDécimales
>             put Word 3 of line 5 of masque into LngCsie
>             put Word 3 of Line 7 of Masque into AutorisationCsieLng
>             if theType = "A" then
>                 CsieAlpha NomChamp, NomStack, LngCsie,  
> AutorisationCsieLng
>                 put the result into Valeur
>             end if
>     if Valeur is not "Abandon" then
>         put Valeur into fld NomChamp of Stack NomStack
>         put empty into fld "Statut" of Stack NomStack
>     end if
> end SaisieChamp

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