Threshold filters (Rev Newsletter #48)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Wed Feb 13 16:35:52 EST 2008

On Wed Feb 13, 2008, Björnke von Gierke bvg at wrote:

> However, you use "put into" in the last example (repeat for each).  
> This negates the speed gain you'd get by using "for each". try to use  
> "put after" or "put before". I made some tests, and it increased the  
> speed of the loop alone by up to 10% for me. Of course it also needs  
> double the ram :)

Correct! I see I have first to put empty into an extra variable

"put "" into idata2"

and then use

"put numtochar (tC) after idata2"

instead of

"put numtochar(tC) into char counter of idata".

This improves the execution speed from 1360 to 1221 milliseconds with 
the imagesize in my stack.


Best regards,

Wilhelm Sanke

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