Inter-Application Communication on Windows

Dave dave at
Wed Feb 13 10:53:48 EST 2008

Hi All,

I've been working on a way of getting two RunRev Standalone's to  
communicate with each other. I've implemented a simple message  
passing mechanism on Macintosh using AppleEvents. This seems to work  
quite well. I now need something similar for Windows. I don't mind  
writing an External Command Handler in C/C++ to do this, and AFAIK I  
can do this using Win32 API Calls. However, on the Mac I have a  
handler for the "appleEvent" message, this gets called asynchronously  
whenever the other application send an AppleEvent. Can I achieve the  
same or similar under Windows? e.g. AppA gets a Message sent to it  
when there is a message ready to be read or some such? The only other  
way I can think of achieving this would be for the main application  
to periodically execute a "poll" handler which calls the External  
Command and read the message(s) from a queue?

Any ideas or suggestions gratefully appreciated.

All the Best

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