Make a cheap web server with simple no-CGI read write on port 80

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 12 12:56:41 EST 2008

Jean-Marc wrote:
> The idea of this cheap html server came from "chat server" demo stack.
> I tried, it works quite fine.

Good work!

Way back in the olden days Scott Raney once wrote what he called 
mcHTTPd, an HTTP server built with the Rev engine (back then it was 
called "MetaCard", hence the "mc" part).

One thing he noted about that which may be another boost for you:  he 
insisted the engine is impervious to buffer overflows, so a whole range 
of potential security risks with many server software solutions is (at 
least according to him) not something we need to worry about.

Now that you've had a taste of the ease and power of building your own 
server, if you haven't seen Andre Garzia's 'Rev On Rockets' you're in 
for a treat:

And FWIW, I tried to get the URL to Raney's old mchttpd, but it seems 
his public FTP is offline.  I have a copy of the original zip archive, 
and have posted it for you here:

There might be some things he does in there worth lifting for your 
server project. :)

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