Getting the frame size of a wmv or mpg video for Rev

tsnyder at tsnyder at
Sat Feb 9 17:34:39 EST 2008

> Any ideas how I can get the frame size of a .wmv or .mpg file for use
> in a Rev app? I don't want my users to have to have QT installed. I'm
> using FFMPEG to convert videos to Flash (from inside Rev), and I want
> to be able to limit the frame size to 480x360. It's easy to get this
> data for avi's and mov's, but what about the other two formats? (This
> is for Windows only)
You could write a quick external which uses DirectShow's IMediaDetector
interface to query the files frame size.

Tuviah Snyder
Lead programmer, MediaWan
Solid State Logic, Inc.

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