An Update!!! OT: One Customer's Experience with her Computer's Warranty

Derek Bump runrev at
Fri Feb 8 11:22:20 EST 2008

I have an update on the case of Gateway not wanting to resolve issues 
with one of my customer's computers.  At my suggestion, my customer 
contacted our local NBC Affiliate, who in turn contacted Gateway about 
the situation.

Gateway is now replacing my customer's computer with a newer model... 
free of charge.  *fingers-crossed* Hopefully this one will work much 
better!  They told her it will have more memory, a bigger hard drive, a 
better video card and Windows Vista (she wasn't sure what "flavor" of 

It's still nice to know that TV reporters still have the influence they 
once had all to well.

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software

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Derek Bump wrote:
> I just felt I should share this, as it's a rather interesting chain of
> events.  I have a customer that's been having problems with her brand
> new Gateway computer (purchased 3 months ago).  Thus far, here are the
> list of problems encountered.
> Problem #1: Blue Screen: Hard Drive Failure.
>   Solution: Drive reimaged by Service Center.
> Problem #2: Test Environment still loaded on PC from Service Center.
>   Solution: Operating System Resoration CD's mailed to customer.
> Problem #3: Blue Screen: Hard Drive Failure.  Restoration CD's fail.
>   Solution: Drive replaced by Service Center.
> Problem #4: Customer Double-billed.
>   Solution: Unresolved.  Gateway is "investigating the issue".
> Problem #5: Unable to Dialup to Internet.
>   Solution: Modem replaced with better quality modem (by Customer).
> Problem #6: Blue Screen:  Video Card Failure.
>   Solution: New card being shipped to the customer.
> I feel for the customer as she purchased this "high-end" machine for
> business use.  Vista's been nothing but problems when the computer is
> running, and Gateway will not refund, nor will they replace the machine.
> I can only hope that the video card issue is the last in a long list of
> problems.  And there *was* one other issue, the installation CD for
> Microsoft Office 2007 was damaged.  Totally unrelated to Gateway, but
> still a thorn in her side.
> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software
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