Doing my own geometry

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Feb 7 18:07:17 EST 2008

Steve Checkley wrote:
> Wow! I didn't know how to work better with the mouse. That's really
> The reason I want to have my own growbox is because I've drawn an OS
> X
style bottom bar. The standard growbox in Rev doesn't look right, I'm
afraid, especially in Leopard.
> I'm very much a stickler for making things look right.

Rev uses OS system calls to draw windows, so I'm not sure what wouldn't 
look right. Some of what I said won't apply if you don't have a native 
growbox for the user to drag though. You would, in that case, have to 
roll your own stack resizing handlers. Rev 2.9 has some Leopard 
compatibility fixes and isn't too far off, so you might be able to save 
yourself some trouble if you wait a bit.

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