filling a db on CD, what happens?

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Hi All,

In general case Databases (w.g. SqlLite or Valentina) will not allow you do
this on CD. You will get exception/error on the first attempt to do

In the same time, you can with Valentina (and it seems with SqlLite also)
create RAM-only database and then use it. Difference only that your data
will not be saved to CD when your app quits.

On the other hand, RAM based db can be about 10 times faster than disk-based
one. :-)

> Tiemo,
> It depends on how the Database is handled.  You will have to either test
> it out, or read the documentation for the database type you are working
> with.
> The other solutions presented are definitely the best way to go.  Create
> your "default" database and burn it to CD.  When the program on the CD
> is launched, copy it to the user's hard drive and start using that copy
> to work with.
> Like I said though, it depends entire upon the type of database you are
> working with.  I don't use SQL as I find it to be rather bulky.  I use
> Flat Files, and I write all of my own database handlers, so my coding is
> not dependent on SQL or some other type of database and it's limitations.
> The advantage and disadvantage of programming is that sometimes you have
> to re-invent the wheel.  That's just how it goes.
> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software

> Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
>> Hi Derek,
>>> When you open a file or program, it is placed into memory.  From there,
>>> you can fill variables, fields, properties, etc.  You just can't save
>>> those changes back to the file on the CD.
>> yes, but isn't this the same with a database, as long, as I don't want to
>> save the changes? Or is a database an exception with this handling and is
>> only the current sql set in memory - probably!?

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