AW: AW: AW: filling a db on CD, what happens?

Derek Bump runrev at
Wed Feb 6 14:34:44 EST 2008


When it comes to huge databases with records in the thousands then yes, 
I do resort to other database engines.  But as of yet, I have not been 
involved in projects that large.

Most of my projects involve small databases, usually with records well 
under 1,000.  So flat-file is the way I usually to go.

Derek Bump
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Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> Interesting to read, did you ever compared the performance on "big" datas?
> Up to now I havn't found a performing way how to loop through 20.000 records
> in a flat file for generic selection with a search term compared with a
> select - where. Looping through 20.000 records and searching for a sting
> with lineoffset() to select a list of datas wasn't fast enough for me.
> Perhaps you found a better trick?
> Tiemo
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