db encryption and multiuser question

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Tue Feb 5 05:21:29 EST 2008


beeing completely new to database programming I made some tests with sqlite
with success. Following some threads there are two advanced questions left
for me:


1. I have read a few times that you can't / should not use sqlite for a
multiuser environment, instead you should take a "bigger" db as valentine.
My question is, are there any hard facts to not use sqlite in a multi user
environment? What would happen if my customers would read my db with
multiple users - just a little slow down or wouldn't it work at all? Does
this point affect only if you have write statements on the db or also if you
only have a read db?


2. What about encryption (just read Victoras answer). I don't have any
secret or privat datas in my db, but would not want anybody to dump and
restore my datas out of my db, because of know-how protection. When opening
my db with a text editor, I can see the content as clear text, either in Hex
mode in the right colum, or in not Hex mode in lines "between" other crypted
datas. But I don't get the structure of the datas and there are many
"crypted" characters between the clear data, so that I couldn't "dump" the
data out of my db with any sence and structure. My question: Is this because
I am not a db specialist and for any advanced "specialist" it wouldn't be
any problem to get my datas out of my db with structure and "sence" and
everybody should encrypt his data to avoid dumping or is it really "only" a
question of securing private datas?


Thanks for sharing your experience


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