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Mon Feb 4 18:02:28 EST 2008

On Feb 4, 2008, at 4:53 PM, Eric Chatonet wrote:

Thanks for sharing Eric. Please see my questions below.

> The app/exe itself is, of course, a launcher.

Same. Very beneficial regardless of whether or not you use auto  
updating. Being able to keep the executable in the same directory as  
my stack files so I can launch the app during development for testing  
within a standalone is a huge benefit. One of the big time savers when  
developing with Revolution.

> This launcher retrieves information from an external splash stack  
> and, among others, allows to set the label of the exe with the right  
> version number.

When you say label are you referring to the info that shows up in the  
File Info dialog in Finder or Windows Explorer? Or something else?

> A very simple text file on our server allows to compare  
> automatically the user current version with the last one and alert  
> him if needed.


> When an update is available, needed files are downloaded and the  
> external splash screen is always replaced.
> In case of 'big' update, a process allows with an invisible  
> installer to update all files, exe included and restart the software.


> In addition, a check at every launch, verifies if all needed files  
> are there and downloads missing ones from the internet if needed.

I haven't done this as I haven't needed it for my own use. If you get  
a moment I would be interested in hearing how you use this feature in  
deployment and how often it gets used.

> So, in a few words, we have to ways of updating: a light one when  
> replacing a stack file or another one that replaces the whole app.

Same. I think the only difference is that with my current approach,  
light update replaces all files except the executable. A full update  
replaces the executable as well.

> PS. For security, all files on disk are ciphered and restored in RAM  
> on-the-fly.

Would you mind explaining this a little more when you have a moment?


Trevor DeVore
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