Stacks In Use

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Mon Feb 4 10:59:10 CST 2008

There was a discussion about ID limits in Rev.... how about this 
question for those that have done large applications:

Does adding more stacks using 'stacks in use' put a bigger load or 
delay on the message path at some point, and what would that be? The 
same goes for individual stack script lengths. As my project has many 
stacks in use but has grown over time it's hard to notice the 

I try to not let stack scripts get much larger than 150k characters, 
otherwise editing becomes much slower. (I also use GLX2 which handles 
these scripts fine.) But is there a downside with too many stacks or 
too long a script? (yes I know about the scriptlimits and stacks in 
use limits in standaloneland) .


stephen barncard
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