rotating and scaling images in Win32 (was ITPC, Exif *.*)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Feb 3 13:21:24 EST 2008

On Fri Feb 1, 2008, Andre Garzia andre at wrote:

> Aloha Friends,
> I am creating a little photo selection application that allow
> contributors to quickly select photos and do some basic editing
> (rotation, scaling). Revolution is great for working with images but
> when doing batch processing it simply takes too long. Creating
> thumbnails for 80 images/4 mb each takes lots of minutes.

I am a bit late in responding to this post, but maybe my reply is still 

The time needed to produce thumbnails  certainly depends on the image 
format used. With JPG-images using Revolution would probably be 
sufficiently fast; I so far did not test other formats.

Using my stack "ThumbsAndSlides" takes 300 milliseconds for each 
3-megapixel image (then about 700 Kbyte in size on the harddisk) and 600 
milliseconds for each 6-megapixel image needing 3 MB.

In the case of the 6-megapixel images thumb-producing time would then be 
48 seconds for a total of 80 images.

The thumb-producing process includes proportional scaling - in case 
image size deviates from 4-to-3 ratio - and extracting and displaying 
the image name and modification date.


Wilhelm Sanke

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