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Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Sat Feb 2 14:29:35 EST 2008

Back in the big cdrom boom in the 90s we did a cdrom with richie  
sambora on playing rock guitar with mtroplis. had lots of great  
potential and we were in talks with them about some sort of special  
licensing deal to further modify the system (the company i worked for  
came out of cdi and had a lot of high power programmers who saw a lot  
of potential to add onto the product). unfortunately the company  
started having problems and were not finishing off cleaning out the  
deep bugs when we were trying to go golden, the product shipped, but  
it took herculean efforts by the programmers to make it all work.  
thats when i think they soon got snapped up by quark and about the  
same time as the cdrom implosion.

this thread brings back lots of memories! good old toolbook, the  
reason i moved to metacard when it went rocky for awhile and was not  
adding features. sooo glad i looked around and found mc!

A film studio i also worked with also did a video disc & stack with  
Bob and Voyager. We actually were able to impress him with an office  
view as good as his. they had sweet offices in Venice beach just off  
the water with a great view of the beach/ocean. our office was in an  
old cannery sandwiched between the monterey bay aquarium and doc  
ricketts lab! man do i miss that view, looked up from the computer  
screen to look down the whole length of cannery row on the water side!

Did you guys ever meet Bob's precocious son? He hung out with us for a  
week or so, sharp kid of about 12, but knew hypercard and hypertalk  
forwards and backwards!

Anyone here hang out at the apple media lab in the late 80s early 90s?  
nother trip. headdy days when laserdiscs were still all the rage and  
the concept of digital videos and quicktime were just taking root! hd  
meant betasp/480i! 44mb syquest cartridges were a marvel! we use to  
walk 10 miles to school in the snow and 20 miles home in bare feet...


jeff reynolds

On Feb 2, 2008, at 8:33 AM, use-revolution-request at  

> Voyager had it, and did one CD-ROM using it (not done by me). That was
> Fun With Architecture, and mTropolis was chosen because the program
> needed to have a lot of building pieces on screen at once, and
> Director was limited to 48 at the time. I used it for some
> prototyping, I also entered the competition they had before it was
> released, where you had to create a project in a save-disabled version
> of the program, and send that in (try to work that out!). I won a tee-
> shirt for my entry. I only know of two other commercial CD-ROMs done
> with it, Muppet Treasure Island, and Obsidian, both of which were
> impressive.
> I'm not sure what Quark had at the time that was competitive, but
> there was something, hence buying and killing the competition. This
> was all pre-OS X, so although I have copies kicking around, I can't
> easily run it. I'm not even sure it ran in OS 9. I'll try at work some
> time.

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