RevBrowser Two windows

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Sat Feb 2 10:51:08 EST 2008

No I haven't myself but several others on this list have.  If you look 
at the properties of the grc, one of them is either "blendLevel" or 
"transparency" I don't remember which.  By setting this to transparent, 
you see right through it to whatever is underneath but it remains on top 
so IT gets mouse information not the window it's covering.


Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> Len,
> Have you tried this? It seems anything under or over gets overidden by 
> the browser object.
> Thanks
> Tom
> On Feb 2, 2008, at 8:40 AM, Len Morgan wrote:
>> Have you tried making the graphic invisible (i.e., set the color to 
>> transparent and then putting it ON TOP OF the browser window?  If you 
>> have it behind the widow, only the edges will trigger the mouse message.
>> Len Morgan
>> Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>>> I tried the oversized grc but it seems the mouseEnter only happens 
>>> in the small region between the edge of the grc and the browser 
>>> object which is only about 10 pixels. Anyway, if you move the mouse 
>>> too quickly it does not get the message.
>>> Is anyone familiar with revBrowser enough to know the answer to 
>>> this. I have spent two days trying to figure something out.
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