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I hope quark used its ownership of mTropolis for more than market culling.  I hope they cannibalized the kernal and object library IP.

I am now remembering downloading a test version and finding it icon bar and pallet happy.  I have seen this many times, flooding the user with a gazillion "automatic" functions in attempt to protect the user from having to learn a language and write code.   

The middle-ground approach of an xtalk environment is to leverage the user's skill with natural language.  Other tools attempt to offer up a limited (5 or 6) object primatives which are coaxed towards particularity through automated pacement context cues and user chooseable context menues.

What nobody has tried yet is what i call "logic hinting" which is where the tool is constantly watching over the shoulder of the user: looking for intent in theire super high leval skratches and museings and providing implementation choices (that are backed up with live code).  Why havent we seen this yet... It is a very hard problem... Pretty much defines the line between what has been computing and what will be computing.  Probably requires semantic and meaning capibilities that should be generalized and subsumed into layers much lower in the computational stack.

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Recently, Colin Holgate wrote:

> I'm not sure what Quark had at the time that was competitive, but
> there was something, hence buying and killing the competition.

Quark Immedia


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