rotating and scaling images in Win32 (was ITPC, Exif *.*)

Andre Garzia andre at
Fri Feb 1 16:58:59 EST 2008

Aloha Friends,

I am creating a little photo selection application that allow
contributors to quickly select photos and do some basic editing
(rotation, scaling). Revolution is great for working with images but
when doing batch processing it simply takes too long. Creating
thumbnails for 80 images/4 mb each takes lots of minutes.

To solve this, I am using "sips" in MacOS X, it works wonder! I am
able to scale, editing, everything very fast. Now, I am implementing
it for windows, so I want to find something I can use to do some photo
processing. It must be something that I can bundle with the
application, it can be some ActiveX/COM which I can call from vbscript
or some command line tool that I can bundle and call with shell().

So far, I am very frustraded, all the libraries I find cost like
hundreds!!! 400 USD for simple lib is too much, any clue out there? I
checked ImageMagick but I can't find a way to bundle it.

Any help is appreciated. I just need a simple way to do rotation and
scalling and exif data processing in a quick way.


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